Thursday, January 12, 2012

2011 is extraordinary!

Unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit began on the 7th of April last year. Members came under the power of the Holy Spirit, drunk in the Spirit, sang in the Spirit, rolled, trembled, shouted, and laughed uncontrollably. Some went on for hours, seeing visions, receiving revelations, and a few were brought to the third heaven and saw angels of six wings. After which, their lives kept on changing for the better. Some were healed from serious emotional wounds. Most members have a close walk with God daily. Many became zealous to bring people to God. Some love to minister healing at work place, campus, and hospital.

Such unusual manifestations of the Holy Spirit continued. Ever since, the tangible presence of God has been very strong in every gatherings like Praise Celebration, Revival Service, House of Prayer for All Nations, Sectional Gathering, Discipleship Program, Children Church, and Youth Church. People who have newly believed in Christ feel belonged to our church very quickly. Members became very supportive to one another, looking forward to all meetings, and are reluctant to leave after attending the meetings.

In my more than twenty years of itinerary ministry to churches, I have seen many times such strong manifestations of the Holy Spirit in camps, special meetings, and conferences but few churches could keep the outpourings over a short period of time. We wondered whether these experiences for the past nine months are considered a revival. If it is a revival, we love to have the revival to stay always. We sought the Holy Spirit on how to keep the revival fire burning and to burn stronger. He showed me through the Scripture that by practicing deep soaking in His manifestation, going forth to do kingdom works, and maintaining an environment of grace in the church, the revival will continue. God has also provided us the right books, podcasts, and speakers for us to learn how to keep the revival. Rather unusual, He has brought into Singapore and Malaysia in seven months seven established fivefold ministers like Randy Clarke, Tom Jones, Patricia King, James Goll, David Newberry, Rodney Howard Browne, and Che Ahn to impart to us their understandings of revival and the anointing they carry. The entire church and many from The Vine Sanctuary attended the Asia Ablaze conference in the Putra Indoor Stadium when Rodney Howard Browne and David Newberry, timely brought in by Oliver Tham, ministered powerfully in the Holy Spirit.

During our four-day Wind & Fire church camp on Cameron Highland, the Holy Spirit moved mightily even before I and Pastor Gloria could finish preaching in each of the six sessions. Many were deeply drunk in the Spirit. Some members were overtaken by the Holy Spirit to minister. Very powerful restoration and deliverance also took place. Almost every person has experienced the whirlwind of revival and the fire of consecration of the Holy Spirit.

A few members had received visions and prophecies confirming our decision to rent the next shop for expanding our premise. Members gave generously and sacrificially to the renovation work, buying of new chairs, replacing of drum set, and the adding of sound and projection equipment.

From revivals in church history, it was common for the fire of the Holy Spirit to spread from a center to other places and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit did not solely rely on one particular servant of God. To test it out, I wished and also prayed for opportunities to take the fire to other places and the fire of the Holy Spirit burns the same when we have a guest speaker. In my two consecutive preaching and ministering (together with Pastor Gloria) in the Christian Fellowship of TAR College, the Holy Spirit gave deep restoration to many of the campus students who attended. When Oliver Tham was ministering in World Harvest Church, among the people who responded, a visitor came under the power of the Holy Spirit, received Christ, baptized in the Spirit, set free, and had a glory-encounters. Same type of revival had spread to The Vine Sanctuary at Bandar Sunway two weeks after April the 7th, 2011 out pouring, during the Vision Day & Church Prayer that I was leading. It continued week by week with healings and life transformations, especially among the young people.

As God has brought us the long awaited revival, we are looking forward for God to take us further from this initial stage of the outpouring to establish World Harvest Church and The Vine Sanctuary for spreading His fire beyond Wangsa Maju and Sunway areas. We will continue to practice corporate deep soaking in the River Glory of the Holy Spirit and to practice doing kingdom works weekly in both churches for God’s will to be done to transform the earth as it is in heaven.

We are indeed very close to a season of global harvest of peoples.

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