Tuesday, August 17, 2010

God’s Grace is so Rich!

The first seven months in 2009 of settling in to the Subang Jaya-USJ-Sunway area and The Vine Sanctuary for a re-digging of a well of the Holy Spirit has also reconnected me with the fast developments of Kuala Lumpur and of Klang Valley which I had lost touched with for a rather long time, mainly due to eleven years of focusing on reaching the 3km radius area of World Harvest Church, conducting twelve intakes of the Apostolic Program, and ministering frequently in some churches.

Approaching the end of July 2009, I yielded to an unusually strong sense of urgency to do a major editing, writing, and repackaging of my teaching materials to fulfil a desire since my early years in the ministry. I had wanted so much to use a set of discipleship curriculum that will train the newly born again believers systematically until they can help grow a local church to fulfil the Great Commission. By checking with my teaching materials of thirty-years of ministering, recalling relevant experiences, and flowing with the unction of the Holy Spirit for teaching, I had finally completed the task in over seven months of labouring under the grace of God.

Very soon, on March 7, 2010 we welcomed the local and international participants for the Apostolic Program Intake 12. I found new strength to teach two sessions in the morning and two in the night for two weeks. I marvelled over the grace of God, which not only had come on me but also on my whole team. Once again I saw the apostolic grace from God was poured out mightily to change the lives and ministry of many participants. Deep in my heart I knew this was beyond my human ability.

Testimonies from alumni of all the intakes have just marvelled us over and over, and fuelled us to faithful stewardship further and labour more lovingly.

Some alumni, now friends and partners in the global move of God, have experienced a major spiritual breakthrough in their life and the rekindling of zeal for their ministries. Some came back two, three, or even four times to this place; where it is like the terebinth trees, under which Abraham had met with God again and again.

My team worked so hard in hosting the Intake 12 and at the same time making sure World Harvest Church and The Vine Sanctuary were still going on well. God is so good, a few days after the closing of Intake 12, He sent a kind soul to bless the World Harvest team with a holiday at a cosy resort at Port Dickson. It was a fun time for us, beautiful scenery, sunset, delicious food, and exciting outing together. My wife, Gloria, raced a ‘go-cart’! We also ride on the ‘seg-way’.

After a few days, World Harvest Church went into a one-month partial fasting (some were on full fast for some days) to seek the Lord. On April 6, we resumed the in-house on-the-job kind of training for the pastors and ministry trainees. This time, we opened it to some from The Vine Sanctuary, and an associate from Ipoh. I could see the grace of God was on the training; there was just an unexplainable excitement and expectation in the air every time.

In May, I went on-site apostolic intercession twice. A twelve-hour trip with two in the team has covered six major towns along the southern journey. Another five-day trip with Gloria has covered nine major towns along the northern journey until the Thai border. God’s grace was so rich while we were at the spiritual frontier.

Eleven months of serving under the grace of God required some weeks of resting in the presence of God, to be strengthened in the spirit, soul, and body. Hearing God speaking during my major review of all the rhema words, prophecies, dreams, visions, and learning had led me to make a few big adjustments in my life and ministry to fulfil God’s call better. We are busy updating our website to portray some new adjustments. Two of which are on-the-job pastoral training and extending the Apostolic Program to be online.

I treasure your love, prayers, and support for moving ahead with our Heavenly Father.